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Spinning Babies


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Basic Information on Occiput Posterior Fetal Position


Spinning Babies Fantastic Four



Daily Essentials


Blooma Yoga Spinning Babies



Psoas Releases


Jo Ann Psoas Release Constructive Rest


Liz Koch Psoas Release With Slo-Mo & Chair


John Gibbons Strain Counterstrain


Judah Lyons Cross Fiber Massage


Femur Instability


Marc Heller Hip Stabilizer



Guided Hypnosis & Meditation


Local Prenatal Yoga & Online (separate page)




Acupuncture with acupuncturist specifically trained

Avoid gluten -- may be linked with gluten intolerance

Avoid straining or valsalva maneuver

Herb Lore's Hemorrhoid Salve

Witch hazel pads

Wise Woman Herbal's suppositories

Ayurveda salves (Vijayalkshmi Natarajan)

Arnica homeopathic remedy

AfterEase Spray