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Housecalls for new parents and babies

golf course housecall_edited.jpg

Check out my view from a new parent and baby housecall!!!

I feel super-strongly about supporting new parents and babies who choose to nestle at home for their first few weeks.

At this housecall, I got to do integrative care sessions (chiro/CST/massage) for a first-time parent, and her beautiful two-week old baby at home.

While I cared for the new mom, her partner cracked hilarious jokes in the background — as he watched Sunday football and cuddled their new joy.

Without out being asked, baby's dad kept the game on mute so as not to interfere with my chill vibe music.

It was part-spa, part-sports bar, part-comedy club.

Thank you to all my clients who welcome me into their homes.


These early postpartum/neonatal sessions are my favorites!

I love my job so much!!!

P.S. This was baby’s second care session. First was within an hour of birth (while in mama’s arms).


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Frequently asked questions about my home visits:



To what areas do you offer home visits?


I currently offer home visits for parents and babies throughout the greater Charleston area and Beaufort.

What do your home visits include?

For Doula, home visits include birth planning, childbirth education, advocacy workshops, and positioning exercise sessions.

For chiropractic, home visits include my full integrative care session including chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, massage therapy and additional holistic techniques.

For new clients, initial housecalls also include a full health history and intake about your birth -- and a comprehensive chiropractic and craniosacral examination.

How long are your housecalls?

I schedule at least two hours per client for postpartum housecalls. If the housecall is for both the new parent and baby, I schedule four hours.

Of this time, about 20 minutes is designated to setting up and packing up my equipment. About one hour per client is designated to the care session.

The additional time is to accommodate breaks for feeding, changing diapers, and napping babies.


Sometimes my housecalls take far less time than I schedule.


Other times, they require more time.


I believe strongly in being flexible with timing so as not to interfere with new parents' and baby's needs.


For new clients, initial housecalls also typically include about an hour of intake. (This may be done over the phone prior to meeting.)


How much do you charge for housecalls?


Initial postpartum housecall for one new client (parent or baby):  $250


Initial postpartum housecall for two new clients (parent and baby):  $350


Initial postpartum housecall for one existing client (parent or baby):  $200


Initial postpartum housecall for two existing clients (parent and baby):  $300

Subsequent housecall (after initial session): $125


Housecall during birth (prenatal package clients only):  $500

Housecall for prenatal package and doula clients:  One included in your package.


Do you charge a travel fee?


I do not charge a travel fee if you are within 20 minutes of West Ashley, or if I can coordinate seeing you on the same day as another client in your area. 

How soon should my new baby receive care?


The sooner, the better, especially if baby was breech or had a positional challenge during birth (i.e., was posterior). This is because cranial bones begin to fuse around day 10. So it saves lots of time and money to address any cranial concerns earlier.


Do you have experience working with babies with tongue-tie and/or lip-tie?

Yes. I have extensive training and experience working with neonates with TOTs (tethered oral tissue).

How soon after a tongue-tie revision can you provide my baby care?


Immediately, although depending on the extent of the procedure we may choose to wait on work within the mouth.


What equipment do you bring?


For adults, I bring a high-end portable chiropractic table, a customizable postpartum pillow system, my Activator adjusting tool, SOT blocks and a Webster Technique portable drop piece.


For babies, I bring my Activator, gloves (for palate work, if needed), and my hands.  


Is there anything clients need to supply for housecalls?


Yes. I require that your partner, or anybody other than the birthing person, carry my portable chiropractic table to and from my car, and assist with set up. It’s about the size and weight of a large suitcase. I also request that you have a chair, pillow case, and a pillow available.


How soon after birth is it safe for baby and parent to receive care?


Whenever you’re ready. I often provide chiropractic and craniosacral care during birth, and moments following. It’s never “too soon” for chiropractic and craniosacral care.


I had a cesarean birth and am not comfortable laying face-down yet. When is it safe for me to do so?

Whenever you’re ready. I bring a customized pillow system, so your belly is lifted slightly off the table. Everyone heals at different speeds from surgery. I have worked with clients who were ready to be briefly on their bellies after less than a week. And others who it took over over three weeks.


If you’ve had a surgical birth, and aren’t yet comfortable laying face-down, no problem: I can provide chiropractic adjustments for your pelvis and spine while standing or sitting. (I adjust clients all the time during births, so am proficient in adjusting in any position!)


My breasts are very tender from my milk coming in. I am not comfortable laying face-down yet. When do you think I will be?


My customized pillow system has cut-outs for lactating breasts. Most clients find it comfortable, even when their milk is first coming in. However, if you don’t, no problem: I can provide chiropractic adjustments for your pelvis and spine while standing or sitting. (I adjust clients all the time during births, so am proficient in adjusting in any position!)

Do you provide housecalls during labor and birth?


Yes, depending on availability, but only for clients I have been working with during their prenatal time.


My partner really needs a chiropractic adjustment too. Can you do that as well while you’re here?


Sure. I am a specialist in working with people with uteruses, and neonates. But I am happy to adjust partners without uteruses, depending on the circumstances.


I request that we speak first over the phone and I will take a full health history. I will also need to do an initial chiropractic examination. I charge an additional fee for this.

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